Magic Mistery Tours was established in 2017 in the Romanian capital of Bucharest after a very deep & accurate study for the requirements, needs and problems of the tourist market and elements of revitalizing the tourist sector in Romania to be a promising tourism project in the future. Magic Mistery Tours  is not an agency providing only tourist services but it’s providing also the process of a new marketing policy for the tourism sites in Romania, such as the historical and cultural sites, natural tourist areas of various kinds and local people, by providing a wide range of information and details about them and highlighting stories, legends and strange things that science couldn’t explain to many Places in Romania, according to an attractive tourist vision.

At Magic Mistery Tours SRL, we seek to be a new window through which the outside world looks at the charm and beauty of Romania, to which we have raised the slogan "Romania Tourism"! , Because it contains elements and pillars of real tourism.

At Magic Mistery Tours , we strive to provide the best competitive services and the best prices to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we have divided our tourism programs to a wide range of tourism and marketing services and programs in order to introduce the world to (Romania Tourism) to activate and develop the tourism and services sector.

In our agency we are keen to provide the finest tourist services through the use of the best expertise of the workers in the tourism sector to meet the wishes of our customers.